Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill

In Richmond hill, ON raccoons can be seen almost everywhere at night. As new neighbourhoods & new development rise so does the raccoon population. You can have raccoons nest in your attic, chimney, deck or garage. This can become a huge expense if you ignore the problem. Raccoons are known to be destructive animals and will cause a lot of damage over time. They are known to chew wiring, move insulation around, rip shingles off roof, defecate & urinate inside. When they get in, it is really hard to persuade them to get out and stay out. Most people try to evict them but are unsuccessful. It takes a professional wildlife removal company to get rid of the nuisance raccoons.

360 Wildlife Control offers humane methods of removal followed by preventative measures to keep the raccoons out for good. We have proven our company to be one of the top choices in the GTA when it comes to animal removal and keep on helping families deal with their raccoon problems. Check our reviews on Google & Homestars then call our office 1-866-650-1811 to receive 10% OFF on all our services.

How do you get them out?
We only use humane methods of removal. In most cases a one-way door system will be used. This device allows the raccoons to get out and not be able to get back in.  A very simple and effective method proven over 50 years. We also use other methods of removal such as physical snaring and live-catch trapping.

Do you have any guarantee on the work?
All our work & material supplied is guaranteed for 1 year. We provide you with a written guarantee.

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