Raccoon Removal Scarborough

raccoon on the roofScarborough Raccoon Removal service by 360 Wildlife Control experts. If you have raccoons in your attic, chimney, deck or garage let us solve the problem for you quickly and efficiently. We use the most innovative techniques to date and make sure to follow the rules & regulations of Ministry or Natural Resources. Raccoon control in Scarborough doesn’t come ready in a box and you need to do your research before hiring a professional.

What do you do?
We will first do a complete inspection of your property. After finding the entry hole(s) we can come up with the best method of removal. We also explain the option of ‘wildlife proofing’ your house if you wish to do prevention. After your approval, we complete the job in one day and guarantee our work 100%.

How do you get them out?
In most cases we will use a one-way door system. After securing the hole with galvanized steel mesh, we place a one-way door so that the raccoon can easily get out but not be able to get back in. Next method is physical snaring using a snare pole. Trapping can also be used in rare situations, usually if no other method is viable. 

Why call your company?
We thrive to offer our clients top level service at affordable pricing. Our trained technicians will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Don’t take our word check out our reviews on Google & Homestars. Plus for a limited time, receive 10% OFF all our services. Don’t waste any time, call today 1-866-650-1811.